Unit Turnovers - Every vacancy is strategically approached to enable the most efficient flow of inspections, repairs, and showings.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening - To ensure quality tenants, each applicant is screened for their bankruptcy, criminal, and credit records.

Aggressive Marketing - By utilizing a wide array of listing platforms for maximum exposure, we are consistently able to minimize turnover time for empty units.

Personal Walkthroughs - We take the time to give each prospective tenant a personal tour of your property. Owners may opt for online 3D virtual tours at an additional cost.


Monthly Reports - We provide easily understandable monthly statements to owners for total transparency.

Bookkeeping - Accurate and detailed records for each unit and property, tracking all charges and payments.


Code Compliance - We take proactive steps to ensure that there are no violations of any building codes.

Timely Repairs - Requests are received in real time, and all work is performed promptly by approved vendors.

Vendor Relations - We pride ourselves in maintaining strong relations with a wide range of vendors to provide you with quality, cost effective solutions.

Warranties - To limit expenses, we coordinate with property warranty services to add an extra layer of protection for your investment.

Preventative Maintenance - Our regular inspections allow for us to catch problems before they develop into more serious issues.

Support - Quick customer service to all members, even after-hours.



Individual Profiles  & Payment Portals - Separate portals for managers, owners, and tenants. Rent collection and distribution with the click of a button.

Accessible Anytime - 24/7 access to financial reports and operations analysis to track expense & income reports, work orders, and communications.

Maintenance Requests - All members can request and monitor work orders at their leisure.

Accounting - Bank account management for owners, with individual bookkeeping for each property and unit to streamline the accounting process.

Leasing - Online rental applications and screening = faster, easier, and more thorough leasing process.

At Groundworks Realty, we utilize the latest technology to streamline communications, facilitate ease of payment, and provide the highest level of service possible.